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Website Optimisation 3: A Clinical Approach - The Body

It takes but ten seconds for a visitor to make your mind up whether or not to remain on your webpage or leave. The contents of a webpage as seen by guests is contained within the body space of the webpage. those who keep are sending positive vibes to the search engines which will improve positioning on search engine results pages. The reverse is equally true.

The Header

The header, that is sometimes a picture, is that the high section of the visible webpage. The coding for the toper is within the body space of the page and not the head space. The header might embrace a emblem, different image(s) and generally contact details like a phonephone range or email address. i think that many of these precious initial few seconds can endure the header.

The Body.

The body of a netpage is that the a part of the webpage that's displayed by web browsers like Firefox and net Explorer. The open body tag immediately follows the shut head tag. Tags are a part of the mark up language utilized in HTML - the foremost common coding utilized by websites. Tags are outlined between angled brackets.

The body space of a webpage includes the text, tables, graphics and videos etc. it'll seem completely differently on different browsers and per the screen resolution settings of the pc monitor. therefore a webpage as displayed on Firefox might look completely different to a similar page on a similar laptop as displayed by Safari.

Fixed Width or Fluid Pages.

Web pages could also be displayed at a hard and fast with or in an exceedingly fluid manner. Fluid webpages expand or contract per the utmost obtainable width of the monitor. Utilising the total width can mean additional are going to be visible while not scrolling down. On the negative aspect, a protracted line of text isn't straightforward to browse.

Clarity of presentation is important. the best distinction is black and white and it's easier to browse black text on a white background. Some select a white text on a black background as this appearance additional dramatic.

The top space of a webpage which will be seen on the monitor while not scrolling is named 'above the fold'. additional are going to be seen 'above the fold' with higher resolution monitors. a typical mistake for those new to net style is to develop webpages while employing a high resolution monitor. currently i might advocate optimising for a page width of one,000px. Your page can show well for those with higher resolution screens and can not need horizontal screening for the bulk of users.


Text ought to be straightforward to browse. Serifs, those very little decorations on the letters of some fonts, might cause reading difficulties and thus a non-serif font like Arial is most well-liked. Some fonts look larger than others - Arial text appearance larger than Times New Roman at a similar size.

The content of header tags is given larger weight in terms of search engine optimisation than normal text. Text between H1 tags carry the best price. My recommendation is to use the H1 tags once and different headings ought to have H2 or H3 tags though you'll go all the means all the way down to H6.

Frames, Tables or CSS.

Frames are an possibility that was once widespread many years ago. because the name suggests, this is often a district on a webpage demarcated inside open and shut frame tags. Search engines have problem indexing frame pages because it isn't clear to them what the content is.

There is discussion on whether or not content is best displayed with tables or CSS. each are undoubtedly higher than frames from the optimisation purpose of read. there's no proof that one or different is most well-liked by the search engines. Some consultants appear to assume that CSS shows larger coding ability however till I realize proof to the contrary I realize tables straightforward to use and because it is not broken, there's no reason to repair it.


The header and every one the opposite pictures on a webpage might enhance the presentation of a webpage.

Images will themselves herald new guests and so that they have an area to play in optimisation. Search engines cannot visualise an online image. They find out about the content of a picture from its file name, the alt tag and therefore the response of holiday makers. If your image shows the Eifel Tower, provides it a file name like eifel-tower-01.jpg instead of et196.jpg. Some searchers surf the web with image downloads turned off. This was significantly widespread before Broadband as pictures might take forever to download. The alt tag seems as text within the image box when image downloads is turned off.

Search engines, like Google, offer results pages for those searching for pictures. the pictures displayed on these results pages have links to the webpages with the pictures. A searcher searching for a picture of the Eifel Tower would possibly click the link to your page with the image. pictures at the highest of image results pages tend to possess the topic within the image file name, alt text or adjacent text on the webpage. it's debatable whether or not there's profit in having a picture from your webpage close to the highest of search engine image results pages. they will bring guests to your webpage however if all the visitor is curious about is that the image, they will keep a brief time solely. Short visits to webpages appear to maneuver the page down the results pages.


There are many fonts, voluminous color choices, and endless image sizes. Consistency suggests attention to detail, improves user friendliness, might improve time on web site and increase responses to calls to action.


Videos will occupy an oversized space of server house. As server memory has become low-cost it's not a serious thought. There are several screen capture programs like Camtasia that features a myriad of choices. i exploit BB FlashBack that will the duty effectively. One advantage claimed by video enthusiasts is that videos are increasingly featured within the high search engine results pages. those who reach the highest of Google tend to be from channels that have a partnership with Google. These partnerships are obtainable to a get few. My preference is to upload my videos to YouTube, that is owned by Google and have a link embedded on my webpages. These videos play directly on my webpages. they're conjointly obtainable to those surfing YouTube. Time spent on a webpage may be a positive indicator to the search engines. A video permits a business owner to convey his/her temperament and enthusiasm to guests. this might increase user take of a decision to action.


The main pages of your web site ought to have a typical navigation system either horizontally close to the highest or vertically on the left. a transparent navigation system makes a web site user friendly, encourages guests to remain leading to positive feed-back to the search engines and improving positioning.

Call to Action.

A decision to action is sometimes the web site owner's purpose for a webpage. it's going to be to get an item or service, request a quotation, settle for a free supply like access to a free EBook, newsletter or Video.

Links, link juice and link bait.

The content of a webpage will be modified at any time and is counted as on-page optimisation. Links from different websites are indications from others that a webpage has price and authority. The search engines have an interest in naturally acquired links and not links that an owner disseminates on different peoples websites back to his own. Link bait is any content on an online page used to encourage others to position a link on their web site to yours. The acquisition of links is named off-page optimisation.

Those who see their webpages as having authority, might realize it acceptable to position a link to sites that they'd wish to advocate. this may leak precious link juice from your web site to the recipient unless the link is given a nofollow attribute. Links between web sites end in a form of Google tax so not all the link juice going out reaches the opposite website to forestall the link juice - PageRank system from imploding. Reciprocating links can have a negative result. I even have a web site with five,000 pages and thousands of internal links. I added a nofollow attribute to any or all the links to the smaller pages to examine if there was a link tax being applied to them. There was no result to the positioning of my webpages or their PageRanks. My impression is that link juice isn't 'taxed' when passing between internal pages of a web site.

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