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2 Reasons Why you ought to Be Tracking Email Open Rates And Split Testing For Optimal Results!

Are you tracking your email open rates?

Tracking email open rates ought to be a prime priority in any email selling campaign(s).

Driving targeted and qualified traffic can mean the distinction in building a hyper responsive list of rabid patrons or an inventory of dead leads who rarely open your emails!

This one piece of analytical information alone will tell you at a look how responsive your lists are to the emails you have got forwarded to them.

Here's 2 reasons why you ought to be tracking email open rates:

Firstly, the results obtained from tracking your open email rates can provides a proportion on what percentage subscribers on average opened your emails. this is often an instantaneous indication on the responsiveness of your list.

Building a responsive list is essential.

The additional those who truly open and browse your emails, means that they'll see your links to your offers or promotions.

If you're building varied lists inside sub niches then you'll track your email lists and compare the results to ascertain that of your lists is manufacturing the simplest results for you.

Secondly, tracking email open rates may be used for split testing. during this case you'd produce 2 identical follow-up sequences for your auto-responder campaign.

So as an example, you may use one among your main traffic sources and funnel the subscribers into list one.

Then you may take another traffic supply and funnel the opposite subscribers into list a pair of.

Assuming the lists are configured precisely the same, you may currently be able to analyze that traffic sources are bringing you the foremost responsive subscribers by that list has the simplest open rate and click on through rate after you send your emails.

You can conjointly produce segments in your list campaigns to filter the subscribers who do not open your emails once a particular amount of your time.

I routinely produce a section each 2 months and take away the subscribers who haven't opened my emails throughout that amount.

This is a key part to assembling a solid foundation for your on-line business.

Don't get fixed within the mindset of "I ought to drive additional traffic, to form additional sales!"

Dig deeper into your sales funnel before going wider!

Sometimes it's easier to figure with a model or sales funnel you have already got and tweak it for optimum conversion rates than it's to drive tons additional traffic to your web site.

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