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American Cultural Identity: the weather

First and foremost we tend to should have a clarification over terms like culture, identity and cultural identity that leads us to the yankee cultural identity and its components. Culture could be a terribly difficult term to outline. "It has quite 100 definitions." (1) to provide a straightforward definition and no to confused with the hundred of the definitions we are able to outline culture as follows: culture refers to the customs, practices, languages, values and world views that outline social teams like those primarily based on nationality, ethnicity, region or common interests.

Identity is another term we tend to should comprehend before understanding cultural identity. "The condition or character on who an individual or what a factor is."(2) Lampung Utara the simplest thanks to outline the term identity is a solution to the question who am I? we are able to say that identity is regarding our self-perception and perception of others. There are differing types of identity in keeping with alternative ways of categorizing of aspects. Personal identity, social identity and collective identity are the foremost recognizable ones. "The concept of a collective identity refers to cluster|a collection} of individuals' sense of belonging to the group or collective. For the individual, the identity derived from the collective shapes an area of his or her personal identity." (3) The master forces of collective identity are nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, profession and decadent culture.

Cultural identity is that the identity of a bunch, culture or of a private as way united is influenced by one's belonging to a bunch or culture. Then cultural identity could be a collective identity.

The yankee cultural identity will be merely outlined because the sets of values, norms and beliefs that create the yankee folks because the Americans. Collective identity isn't in conflict with personal identity as every yankee has its own identity whereas the total Americans incorporates a specific collective identity by that they're distinguished from the British folks.

Talking regarding the weather of the yankee  cultural identity is troublesome, as a result of there are several components that form it. To count a number of the foremost necessary components i am going for the subsequent ones.

• Language
English language is one amongst the weather that in Lampung Utara my read have formed the yankee cultural identity. It offers the Americans a way of getting a British origin and a sense that the language their ancestors spoke was English like them and that i suppose it makes them think about their Anglo-Saxon background. English language because the majority of the Americans speak has had an excellent influence on shaping their collective identity.

• Egalitarianism
The idea of egalitarianism or having equal opportunities makes the Lampung Utara second part of the yankee cultural identity. This sense that we tend to all live during a land of opportunities, whereas others do not and that we all are equal to possess opportunities to measure has integrated Americans as an entire.

• Exceptionalism and Nationalism
The idea of exceptionalism has instilled in Americans mind through the history and as a result it's created them suppose that they're distinctive and special folks living during a land of opportunities. They believe in yankee Dream and that they suppose that they need had this opportunity to measure on this land not the other folks. Americans believe that they and solely they're exceptional and this concept offers them a way of nationalistic purpose of read. Being patriot could be a quite common image of being an yankee and it's a lot of to try to to with exceptionalism and nationalism. As an example, US flag is taken into account a national image and a logo that integrates all Americans to an entire.

• Liberalism
Liberalism is undoubtedly the foremost influential part of yankee cultural identity. the thought of liberalism in America is as recent because the u.  s. where according the US Constitution the folks are absolve to work, worship, live, travel and therefore on therefore forth as long as they respect every others' rights. Liberalism limits the influence the govt. has on the private lives of the voters still. When folks see that they're absolve to opt for no matter they need below the liberalism umbrella, then they feel they're Americans and that they acknowledge themselves as Americans.

• Individualism
Individualism has had an excellent impact on being an yankee. it's a Puritan background. Individualism has helped the creation of property possession and what's referred to as privacy. possession in America is of nice significance and it offers the owner a way by that he/she feels yankee as a result of they think about it a results of living in America and believing in yankee beliefs. Individualism isn't solely regarding economic terms like property possession. In terms of culture, cultural individualism is that the concept that the total Americans see themselves as a private from that the thought of Americanism comes from.

• Pragmatism
Pragmatism, like individualism, incorporates a Puritan origin. Americans work terribly exhausting to realize their goals. The question "What does one do?" could be a quite common question in yankee culture. It means hard-working could be a vital issue among Americans. Americans work terribly exhausting and that they continually suppose the results undermining the tools by that they will achieve the ends. In accordance with the yankee multicultural context, pragmatist concepts that refuses any absolutes became quite common as a result of "rather than believing in absolutes it's believed that these ideas are changeable and depend upon the context during which they're being mentioned." (4)

To conclude this text we are able to say that there are several components through that the yankee folks acknowledge themselves. an individual is termed yankee when he/she believes in yankee beliefs, norms and values whether or not he/she lives in America or not. That is, the term "Americanism" is sensible.

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